QANONSEC infiltrates child p**n distribution channels

An operation by QANONSEC has uncovered what appears to be a child p**n (CP) distribution channels operating openly on Telegram.

Inside Italian porn channels we’ve discovered CP openly being shared between members with little effort to conceal their activities.

In the following conversation, user @marshalla1 speaks of a ‘video exchange of babes masturbating’.

The user is responsible for sharing content inside the group and looking for ‘cam shows’.

User @Alessandro replies by saying he can be ‘contacted privately’.

Posted to a channel by user @Ob3rT is an image of a young girl, highly likely to be underage.

Despite attempts to hide their tracks, most efforts have proven very poor as QANONSEC has been able to infiltrate the channels on Telegram.

Funds transfers are also occurring among groups, however this appears to be an amateur operation with some of the transfers not going according to plan.

Users make no attempt to hide their identities, producing their name, cell phone number and even photos of identification cards.

It’s not just girls the channels focus on either.

Users openly describe their intentions and preferences in their profile bio.

User @lorenzoricci78 describes himself as a ‘slave looking for guys’.

Channels appear to be comprised of a lot of men in their 40s and 50s.

User @cipper, calling himself “Frank” and claiming to be 56, even reveals his location as being Pontelungo, Italy.

Some of the channels also have bots operating which are responsible for forwarding users onto other channels and smaller group chats.

We are increasingly seeing this behavior carried out in the open, across the internet and platforms like Telegram.

Even games like Minecraft and Roblox are being used as grooming grounds, as the games attract big audiences young children.

By the nature of the gameplay model, it’s very easy to disguise one’s true identity with pedophiles often pretending to be just another child player.

Players are even selling bots in exchange for CP using the chat features in the games.

QANONSEC continues to monitor this activity across multiple platforms, collecting evidence and always stands ready to cooperate with law enforcement.






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