#QANONSEC secure search portal updated to Version 1.5

#QANONSEC secure search portal has been given a new update, bringing it up to Version 1.5.

The biggest change is the roll-out of our AI+ Hub to the web version of the portal.

The AI+ Hub was previously only available to users of our Android app but is now available to all users accessing the #QANONSEC secure search portal.

Like always, the core development focus is on load times.

The addition of the AI+ Hub adds extra base code, however the effect on performance is negligible and immeasurable.

We’ve achieved this by keeping the AI+ Hub restricted to a clickable button, preventing it from fully loading until the user clicks the button to load it when needed.

#QANONSEC secure search portal remains the fastest loading web search portal on the internet, thanks to the massive investment we’ve put into our sophisticated server back-end.

This not only delivers the service – for the web and our Android app – at rapid speed, but adds redundancy too, to ensure the service remains online 100% of the time.

Not only is it fast loading, it’s incredibly secure, thanks to our commitment to security and privacy through implementation of DNSSEC.

We are 100% HTML and CSS validated by W3C.







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