Q-CHAN is live!

The latest project by QANONSEC called “Q-CHAN” is now live and open to the public.

Q-CHAN is a new forums platform we have put up for the community which is operated by activists and based on the firm principles of protecting users who want to exercise freedom of speech and freedom of expression, without fear of being censored – a practice still being executed by big tech platforms.

The platform is completely free to access and use.

A few reasons to consider using Q-CHAN:

  • Fast, free and open
  • No post length restrictions
  • Full post editing
  • No ads
  • No restrictions
  • No censorship
  • No shadow-banning
  • No “time-out” or “jail”
  • No suspensions
  • Total freedom!

You can access Q-CHAN right now by visiting:


Q-CHAN is also fully compatible and integrated into our Android app.


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